Scrap Metal Recycling System/Metal Waste Shredding System

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Scrap metal recycling system is a series of equipment for volume reduction and separation of metal waste. The system is ideal for recycling resources and reclaiming valuable metals in many different variations and sizes. Wiscon enables you to recycle not only light metals but also aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, titanium and zinc.

Primary Shredding (Scrap Metal Shredder)

No matter small or bulky, scattered or briquetted, ferrous or non-ferrous your waste is, the very first step is to process the scrap metals in a double shaft shredder. Determined by metal hardness and composition, one out of three types of robust rotor is pre-selected to accomplish your task.

The low number of turns allows you to get a very high torque with super low power consumption. Gas nitriding is adopted to enhance surface hardness and anti-wearability of blades. The robust housing is machined in one setup for high accuracy and stiffness. Our technology allows you to make the most out of each cut, getting uniform shredded pieces.