Wiscon Envirotech offers a spectrum of shredding machines and recycling solutions for waste management.

WISCON Shredder




Shredder-crusher Combined – CT Series

CT series is a combination of shredder and crusher in a single unit.
Shredder-Crusher Combined processes input material like purgings and bulky objects to the desired granule size in two stages. From lumps to 40mm shredded particles, to 10mm regrind, our proven size reduction technology produces uniform regrind that is immediately ready for reuse.
Without a conveyor between shredder and crusher, the compact design saves up to 65% space for your factory. The integrated shredder and crusher with Smart Control guarantee energy-saving and continuous operation.


Double Rotor Shredder – TD Series

Confidential shredding and secure shredding are a common use of double rotor shredder. It is also used for plastic film and bag recycling.



Pre-shredder – PC Series

A pre-shredder (pre-crusher) is suitable for the early shredding and working as a debaler of particularly bulky or voluminous materials in bales. One typical example would be disintegrating plastic film in bundles at the beginning of a recycling line. The benefits of preshredder includes wear-off reduction to the proceeding machines and relieving the workload.

Pre-shredder Applications

A mixture of domestic and industrial waste
Mattresses and textiles
Pressed bales of scrap
Plastic waste and plastic rolls or in bales (e.g. PET bottles, PP bags, plastic films and compressed plastics)
End-of-life car and truck tires


Two Shaft Shredder – DL Series

This sturdy two shaft shredder (2 shaft shredder) is designed for longevity and versatility; along with hazardous waste, the primary shredder economically processes sheet metal, electronic scrap, sheet metal barrels, all sorts of containers for liquids.


RDF (Refuse-Derived-Fuel): MSW, industry waste, wood, paper, tires, plastics, carpet, textiles
Metal Scraps: Aluminum, ferrous, non-ferrous, steel drums, waste automotive
Electronics: WEEE, electronic equipment, waste household appliances
Plastic: Drums, lumps, films


Double Shaft Shredder – DS Series

This sturdy twin shaft shredder(double shaft shredder) is designed for longevity and versatility; along with hazardous waste, it economically processes sheet metal, electronic scrap, sheet metal barrels, all sorts of containers for liquids.

Double Shaft Shredder Application

RDF(Refuse Derived Fuel): MSW, industry waste, wood, paper, tires, plastics, carpet, textile
Metal materials: Aluminum, ferrous, non-ferrous, steel drums, waste automotive
Electronics: WEEE, electronic equipment, waste household appliances
Aluminum: Cans, aluminum products, building materials, sheet
Plastic: Plastic drums, plastic lumps, films


One Shaft Shredder – T Series

One shaft shredder (industrial shredder machine) is used for shredding all kinds of waste materials in bulk. It is the right industrial shredder for solid waste recycling and solid waste volume reduction.

Industrial Shredder Applications

Plastic waste: Plastic lump, plastic pipe, plastic sheet, PE film, PP woven bag, PET bottle. Compacted in bales & by-products from plastic injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion, blowmolding and rotomolding.
Wood Packaging & Residues: Wood pallet, box and timber waste.
Paper Products: Confidential document, cardboard, magazine.
Scrap Metals: 
Circuit board, aluminum soda cans, copper wire, cable, e-scrap.
Alternative fuel production for RDF, TDF and SDF. Textile waste and Medical waste.


Single Shaft Shredder – P Series

A single shaft shredder (1 shaft shredder) is particularly suitable for shredding large quantities of post-consumer, household and industrial waste. The rugged construction makes the machine ready for heavy and intensive use.

Single Shaft Shredder Applications

Plastic: Plastic lump, plastic pipe, plastic sheet, PE film, PP woven bag, PET bottle, raffia, twine
Wood: Wood pallet, wooden box, timber residues
Paper Product: Waste paper and confidential documents
Scrap Metal: circuit board, aluminum casing, copper, radiator, wire, cable, WEEE
Mixed Waste: MSW(municipal solid waste) and RDF (refuse-dervied fuel) production


Quad Shaft Shredder – Q Series

Quad shaft shredder(4 shaft shredder) is more advanced than two shaft shredder. Four-shaft shredder is suitable for a variety of bulky objects with unique advantages of uniform size control. The differential speed among 4 rotors create a great benefit in case of overloading and jam.

Quad Shaft Shredder Application

MSW, industrial waste, waste tires, automotive waste, waste furniture, wood waste.
Hazardous waste: chemical drums and totes(IBC), paint drums, waste containers, oil containers
WEEE: refrigerator, big whites
Organic waste: Alfafa, straw, agave bagasse, kitchen waste.
Other hollow and bulky metal or plastic products.


Solid Waste Shredder – M Series

This heavy-duty industrial waste shredder is infused with Wiscon’s most reliable shredding technologies. With unique designs to rotor, chamber and control system, you are sure to enjoy high capacity and fine size control.

For downsizing commercial and industrial waste, this solid waste shredder produces up to 15 tons per hour with a particle size of 40-60mm. There is only one purpose of M series: to tackle all challenges in size reduction.


WISCON System Solutions




Oil Filter Recycling System and Disposal Machine


All kinds of oil filters from

Hydraulic jack


HDPE Plastic Recycling System


Post-consumer and Post-industrial plastics from all sources

Intermediate bulk container (IBC)
Shampoo & detergent container
Jerrycan & motor oil bottle
Plastic milk bottle
Wheelie bin
Drum bale

The global market for HDPE resin is huge, with a market volume of around 30 million tons per year. Many of which are used as containers, bottles, and pipes. HDPE recycling system can process all sources of HDPE waste and turn them into wealth.


Waste Wood Recycling System/Scrap Wood Shredding


Wood residues

Wood pallet



Paper products

Box and construction waste

Wood waste is huge marketing covering animal bedding, fuel for energy generation, and feedstock for paper and composite boards. Waste woods such as trimming, offcuts and pallets are often easy to size reduce. Wiscon offers recycling technology to the points and makes wood recycling simple


Plastic Drum Recycling Line / IBC Recycling

Plastic drum recycling line is a complete engineered process to deliver fast, efficient, reliable plastic regrind. Or in short, we make “from plastic to profit” happen. Plastic containers like IBC tank and drums from 25L to 200L (from 5 gal to 55 gal) are manually fed to the conveyor. The system would take care of the rest of process.


Bulky Waste Shredding System

Bulky waste recycling is difficult to handle due to its large volume and high unit weight. Solid waste that is too large to be accepted by waste collection often ends up in streets and landfills. However, it contains a myriad of useful materials for recovery and sell-on. Secondly, bulky waste without shredding is hard to move, incurring a high transportation cost.



Scrap Metal Recycling System/Metal Waste Shredding System

Scrap metal recycling system is a series of equipment for volume reduction and separation of metal waste. The system is ideal for recycling resources and reclaiming valuable metals in many different variations and sizes. Wiscon enables you to recycle not only light metals but also aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, titanium and zinc.

Primary Shredding (Scrap Metal Shredder)

No matter small or bulky, scattered or briquetted, ferrous or non-ferrous your waste is, the very first step is to process the scrap metals in a double shaft shredder. Determined by metal hardness and composition, one out of three types of robust rotor is pre-selected to accomplish your task.

The low number of turns allows you to get a very high torque with super low power consumption. Gas nitriding is adopted to enhance surface hardness and anti-wearability of blades. The robust housing is machined in one setup for high accuracy and stiffness. Our technology allows you to make the most out of each cut, getting uniform shredded pieces.


Plastic Film Recycling System/Scrap Film Washing Line

BOPP, PP, PE, LDPE & LLDPE films and sheets from all sources
-Food wrap (stretch film)
-Bubble wrap
-Air pillow and cushion
-Packaging film
-Agriculture film and mulch film
-Greenhouse film and rain cover
-Plastic bag (grocery bag)
-Bulk bag and big bag


General Plastics Recycling System

Wiscon knows plastic recycling system, either it is homogeneous or mixed, high quality or contaminated. We tailor-make turn-key solutions to meet your requirement and maximize your return on investment. Rigid plastic wastes are mainly made of PP, PE and PS, whereas they are the least recycled comparing to PET and HDPE. In the U.S., only 1% of PP is recycled.