Featuring intuitive ‘FCV’(Formech Cycle View) user interface with a 10” touch-screen, Formech’s 2440 represents
a breakthrough in easy to use large format vacuum forming.Particularly well suited to Signage, Point of Sale,
Film and Theatre Set Design,Automotive and Aerospace applications the 2440 provides ultra-fast response with
energy efficient quartz heaters and accurate heat profiling with48 zones.400litre vacuum tank enables instantaneous
vacuum for excellent definition with the most demanding applications whilst4 high output fans provide rapid cooling
to speed up cycle times.40 nameable memory presets enable convenient recall of settings for each application.Electric
heater drive with pneumatic table and pneumatically assisted clamping make light work of large applications, whilst the
intuitive control system makes the 2440 highly approachable for operators of all skill levels.