A Hero’s Invitation, A Hero’s Vision

The annual ChinaPlas 2019 lands as scheduled at the Pazhou Exhibition Centre, Guangzhou. Arguably the largest plastics show on the planet, ChinaPlas 2019 is an open invitation to all, where top-of-the-line exhibitors show off their latest and greatest offsets, as well as their newest and most amazing innovations, desperately seeking to out-shine each other. And out of this incredible bazaar will emerge Heros, forever to be revered.

As intelligent-factory concepts such as “Industry 4.0” become increasingly popular, equipment manufacturers in the plastics industry are jumping in masse to the IOT (Internet-of-Things) bandwagon. The Internet is posed to radically transform the manufacturing industry as we heed boldly towards a new era with near-dark and “thinking” factories. Get ready for the “Intelligent” Industry Revolution!

During ChinaPlas 2019, which opens between 21st and 24th of May, 2019, Chen Hsong stand ready to offer all visitors a unique “Hyper-Link” experience, backed up by with a full line-up of new, exciting products and advanced technologies. A true feast for all promised.

Dual as One – Unique Two-Site “Inter-Link” Experience Across Space
Dual as One – two exhibition sites, in two nearby cities, inter-linked and integrated across space through the use of technology.
Dual as One – Chen Hsong products linked across space through cloud-based IOT technology.
Dual as One – customers and support linked across space through Internet technology.

Guangzhou Site(Hall 4.1 Booth D01) – A Show of Strength

The SPARK series seeks to redefine the modern all-electric -high tech, high precision, high performance, high usability, high affordability, no fuss. On display will be an SM100-SPARK producing high-quality medical consumables.

The second-gen SM-TP II raises the bar in performance and reliability for large-tonnage two-platens. On display will be an SM700-TP II producing high-end automotive parts with LASER-CRAFT cloud-based data management solution.

The all-new MK6e “evolution” series shatters price/performance preconceptions. On display will be a JM400-MK6e producing optical parts.

Shunde Site – A Show of Agility

  • A JM208-MK6, Chen Hsong’s flagship and extremely popular product line, will be producing high-end parts with MuCell® physical micro-foaming.
  • A SPEED-PACK 400 will be producing disposable packaging, for an industry that counts time in fractions of a second, at a speed that you need to see to believe.
  • A JM200-MK6e “evolution” will be producing high-gloss surface parts.
  • A JM800-MK6 will be producing high-end parts for electric appliances with full automation.
  • A JM800-MK6 XL with ultra-large injection unit will be producing thick-walled, large shot-weight PE pipe fitting parts.

Heed our call. Accept our invitation to ChinaPlas 2019. All who are present will be the true Heros.