Maritime Marketing Commission Large Vacuum Forming Machine

Maritime Marketing recently had the great joy of installing a large Formech machine. Envisioneers recently made the acquisition, they had been searching for a long time for permanent vacuum forming solution. They cam through to the Maritime Marketing offices for a demo and were blown away by the quality and how easy the machine was to operate.

The 1250 is one of the largest units Formech sells. It comes standard with the Electric heater drive, pneumatic table and clamping provides effortless operation, while the vacuum tank system fitted as standard facilitates ultra-fast response for demanding applications and fast cycle times. Designed to use sheet sizes of 1220 x 1220mm or 1250 x 1250mm (1250 series) and 1500 x 1000mm (1500 series), Formech’s 1250/1500 series affords the operator a hands-on approach versus more costly and fully guarded automatic machines.

Featuring the intuitive Formech Cycle View (FCV) user interface with a 17.8cm (7 inch) touch screen, the large sheet format 1250/1500 series is suitable for sign and display applications, automotive and aerospace R&D and film and theatre set design.

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