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French Pastry Chef Cedric Pernot, demonstrates how his Formech 300XQ plays a key role in the making of magnificent homemade pastries, cakes, chocolate tablets and many more.  This is a very informative and helpful video showing the mould making process in clear steps.  Chef Cedric Pernot reveals his secrets and explains the huge advantages of increased creativity, lower production cost and the ability to customize to exact customer requirements at short notice with his 300XQ

300XQ Desktop Vacuum Forming Machine

Formech’s 300XQ is the world’s leading vacuum forming machine for education and product design. Four heating zones and quartz heaters provide rapid heat response with a greater range of control to form challenging shapes and materials. Easy to use and highly versatile the 300XQ can adapt to a wide range of applications with class-leading power and efficiency.
Key Features                                                                        Options

  • Quartz Heaters with Variable Standby                       • Reducing Windows
  • 4 Independently Controllable Heating Zones           • Dedicated Trolley
  • Safety Interlock                                                                • Reel Feed
  • Vacuum & Release                                                           • Starter Pack of Plastic
  • Vacuum Gauge                                                                 • Spare Parts Kit
  • Digital Timer

Technical Specifications

  • Forming Area                                                 430 x 280mm
  • Sheet Size                                                       450 x 300mm
  • Max Depth of Draw                                        160mm
  • Max Material Thickness                                 6mm
  • Heating Zones                                                 4
  • Heater Type                                                    Quartz
  • Width                                                               639mm
  • Height                                                              525mm
  • Depth                                                              986mm
  • Weight                                                             75kg
  • Single phase power requirements                  208-240V / 13A
  • Power consumption                                        2.3kW

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