LIANSU is continually optimizing their traditional machines in order to

  • propel technical innovation,
  • optimize product quality and
  • improve user friendliness.

The 250PVC Planetary Cutter is the latest machine to be upgraded and replaces the Haff clamping block method.


1. Clamping Mechanism

Camera Lens type clamping mechanism, there no need to change the clamping blocks when changing the pipe specification.

The concentric and multi-point clamping design on both ends allows it to complete the pipe clamping within the diameter range of the saw without changing the clamping blocks, Time saving and highly efficient.

Planetary cutter uses a multi-point pneumatic clamping principle, fastening the PVC pipe, making the cutting and sealing more stable, the swarf suction more effective.

2. Dust and swarf self-cleaning function

The optimized dust suction structure vastly improves the sealing effect for the front and the back of the cutter, creating a zone inside the cutter for swarf removal

3. Slip ring carbon brush structure

The maintenance free Slip ring carbon brush structure design is both durable and reliable.

A transparent inspection window is set at the bottom, is convenient for inspecting and cleaning the components inside the brass ring turn plate.

4. Pipe chamfering

A balanced weight distribution on the planetary disc ensures good, even chamfering all round the pipe

5. Hydraulic Saw Arm

A balanced Hydraulic Saw Arm ensures even pressure on the pipe for the entire cutting process and avoids any pipe chipping on the cut edge


Smooth cutting edge without chipping with adjustable chamfering depth. For more information and a quotation, please contact our Extrusion Product Manager, Mr. Andy Woods.


Cell phone:  082 957 9324

Alternatively you may contact us on the Maritime Marketing office line:  011-4661717

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