Maritime Marketing is proud to announce our new Product line – Formech Vacuum Forming Machinery

Formech is a UK based designer and manufacturer of Vacuum Forming Machinery and going forward we will be distributing their products in the local market.

From compact desktop to fully automatic production machines, whatever your design or manufacturing challenge, FORMECH will be able to provide you with the right vacuum forming machine to best meet your requirements.

For more information and to arrange for a demonstration, please contact:

Marc Gerasimo on +27 83 395 0402 or

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  1. Hi Marc, I recently got a quote for vacuum moulded parts that basically stops the concept right there. While realizing that I am not knowledgeable in the field, I am still wondering whether I should not try and manufacture the items myself.

    I sell a product called GAPFLAP, which is designed for the big brands, and am in need of some extra parts for the less popular models.

    Where are you based; are you open for a discussion?
    Thank you

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