The amazing Chen Hsong MK6 Injection Moulding Machine


Customers are getting more demanding nowadays in choosing injection moulding machine because of the rapid advancement in technology applications in the plastic injection industry. As one of the market leaders in the industry and a pioneer in new technology development, Chen Hsong Group has recently launched it’s (the 6th generation) JETMASTER MK6 Servo Drive injection moulding machine. Thanks to the technology team’s continuous efforts, not only is the injection performance significantly enhanced, but also the machine is equipped with unparalleled stability. Ever since its release, the JETMASTER MK6 machine has received a lot of positive feedbacks from the customers.

In early 2016, with its remarkable JETMASTER MK6 Servo Drive injection moulding machines, Chen Hsong Group has become a partner with the renowned TTI Group.

TTI Group is a world-class leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing of Power Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Floor Care and Appliances for consumers, professional and industrial users in the home improvement, repair and construction industries. Founded in 1985, TTI went public in 1990 in Hong Kong. It has a portfolio of industry leading brands, a worldwide customer reach and over 20,000 staff. In 2015, TTI Group has achieved total sales of USD 5 billion.

Techtronic Industries (Dongguan) Co., Ltd, a member company of TTI Group, has recently bought several JETMASTER MK6 Servo Drive injection moulding machines to manufacture a variety of portable electric power tool casings using overmoulding techniques. The application of these high-end plastic technologies requires machine with extremely high precision with high products’ acceptance rate. TTI Group is very satisfied with the performance of the machine and speaks highly of them.

Specifications for the JETMASTER MK6 series:

  • Product: Power tools battery plugs
  • Material: Flame-retardant PC+ABS
  • Cycle Time: 29 seconds (not including manual labour assisting time)
  • Acceptance Rate: 98.6% (Compared to 90% acceptance rate in general previously)
  • Product: Nailer Casing
  • Material: STI Soft Rubber (Grey)
  • Cycle Time: 28 seconds (not including manual labour assisting time)
  • Acceptance Rate: 98.8%(Compared to 90% acceptance rate in general previously)

As shown in the figure above, among various plastic products manufactured by the JETMASTER MK6 machines continuously in one working day (8 hours), the average acceptance rate is higher than 96% and the highest is 98.8%. According to Techtronic Industries (Dongguan) Co., Ltd, the acceptance rate was only 90% before using JETMASTER MK6 in manufacturing the same products and obviously Chen Hsong’s machines have proven themselves to be more competitive.

Being Chen Hsong’s latest product line, all aspects of the JETMASTER MK6 injection moulding machine (including the clamping mechanism, machine base, and injection unit) have been significantly enhanced and strengthened for higher precision. Meanwhile technicians have relentlessly optimized the control system and hydraulics to achieve superior efficiency and overall stability. All these have improved Chen Hsong’s machines’ performance, thus helping clients increase their productivity and products’ acceptance rate.

In January, the National Academy of Plastic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection has conducted an on-site inspection for the full range of Chen Hsong’s JETMASTER MK6 Servo Drive injection moulding machine. The result shows that different type of these machines meets the requirement of Grade 1 Standard in national energy efficiency rating (0.40kw.h/kg). Specifically, the JM168-MK6 is a superb energy-saver with the energy consumption as low as 0.29KW.h/kg, which is much lower than the National Grade 1 Standard.

The Chen Hsong Group has applied for several patents for the JETMASTER MK6 Servo Drive injection moulding machines and so far it has obtained nine technology patents and one copyright patent. Ever since its market launch, the machine has received a lot of positive reviews from professionals in plastic industry because of its high reliability, high cost performance ratio, energy saving, stability and user-friendliness. Chen Hsong has once again amazed the injection molding industry with this hi-tech product and without doubt it’s your best choice

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