BG Plast

WHY BG Plast?

BG Plast was founded in 1987 with the mission to manufacture special plants for the extrusion of foils and sheets made of thermoplastic materials. Our work starts with a precise analysis of the customer’s specific needs and requirements, and continues with machine design and production, with final testing at the customer’s premises. Our main distinctive features are reliability and correctness in performing our activity. Quality is ensured by advanced solutions and products which allow us to produce safe and functional plants. Our professional competence is sided by a suitable knowledge and experience in the regulatory sector thus ensuring the highest quality standards required in the machines design, production and maintenance and implementing them with Quality Systems in compliance with the enforced norms. The result is a credible and professional company capable to supply reliable products and services.
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Precision electromechanical control on roll opening and closing guarantees thicknesses from 0.1 to 40 mm, depending on the material

Thin sheet

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Thin sheet

Precision electromechanical control on roll opening and closing guarantees thicknesses from 0.1 to 40 mm, depending on the material

Special application

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Carpet coating

Widely used in a variety of fields, from automotive industry to shoe manufacturing and even the fair and exhibition market


Polywood process combines wood sawdust with a polymer resin blend to produce sheets of various thicknesses and lengths

PET foils

Cost-saving single-screw extruder equipped with a gravimetric dosing unit, flakes, virgin material and masterbatch

PVC foamed, rigid, flexible

Produces, eg: non-toxic PVC cling film for food packaging (blow film extrusion); rigid PVC film for credit cards (up to 250 microns); acrylic/PVC sheet for aeronautics (inside of airbus);

Dimpled sheet

Special technique combining carefully dosed flakes feeding, intensive venting stage via high-capacity vacuum pumps and an extrusion screw suitable for high yields

T-Grip liners

Special calender with contoured rollers produce longitudinal Ts; highly efficient cooling system enables sheets up to 4 mm thick

Corrugated sheet

Strong rolls with high closing force and an exceptional control of thermoregulation flow rates

Optical quality sheets

Main extruder, with bimetallic barrel and screw, specifically designed for PC processing

Hollow profile

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PP hollow profile

First extruder in the world to use a twin-screw counter rotating extruder with a screw diameter of 125mm to produce a PP hollow sheet

PC hollow profile

For advertising, divider panels not subjected to loads, roofing